Adrienne Byrne

Adrienne has been passionate and committed to working with children and families through care, welfare and child protection for over 30 years. Since her youth she has volunteered and fundraised for charitable organisations and feels privileged to work within the field of social work, a role she is most committed to.  

Adrienne was awarded her undergraduate in social work from University College Cork and later completed a Masters in Social Work Research at University College Dublin. Practising as a social worker since 1996, Adrienne has long been advocating and supporting children and families throughout her career.

As a principal social worker she has championed access for various services required for vulnerable service users such as; housing, mental health services as well as counselling and family therapeutic interventions. In her ongoing work with Tusla Child & Family Agency, Adrienne has collaborated with both voluntary and statutory agencies in order to establish these services.

Adrienne is a long standing member of Forsa and formerly Vice Chair of the National Executive of Health and Welfare Division of her Union. In recent years, she has been volunteering with the homeless and she is currently a member of the Dun Laoghaire Lions Club which supports vulnerable individuals, the elderly, families and charities in the local community.

In 2014, Adrienne was elected to CORU’s Social Workers Registration Board and was delighted to remain for a second term. Adrienne is now a member of CORU’s Health and Social Care Professionals Council as a member from her designated profession.