Patricia Sheridan

Patricia Sheridan is currently a Fostering Assessment Social Worker with TUSLA – The Child and Family Agency. Her work entails the recruitment, training and assessment of both general foster carers and relative foster care applicants. This role entails a level of monitoring, risk assessment, supervision and support of foster carers and their families to ensure the provision of safe and effective placements to children in care as required under the 1991 Child Care Act and the 1995 Placement of Children in Foster Care Regulations.

Patricia has extensive experience of implementing best practice as outlined under the National Standards of Foster Care. She has previous social work experience in the areas of disability and child protection.

She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and holds a Bachelor in Social Studies. In addition she has been involved in local policy development within the fostering service. Patricia is a practice educator and has provided mentoring, supervision, support and practice placements to social work students.