Frequently Asked Questions - International Qualifications

What is an international qualification?
An international qualification is a qualification gained outside the State of the Republic of Ireland.
How do I make an application to have my international qualification recognised?
Please click here where you will find information on applying for recognition of international qualifications.
Is recognition of my qualifications a separate process from registration?
Recognition of international qualifications is a separate process. It is a pre-requisite to registration.
Who is the Competent Authority for the recognition of international qualifications?
CORU is the competent authority for the recognition of international qualifications
Am I registered when my international qualification has been recognised?
No, if you hold an international qualification you must apply to have it recognised before you can proceed to make an application for registration.
How long does it take to get my international qualification recognised?
It can take up to 4 months from the time of the file being deemed complete.
What is the fee?
The fee for recognition of international qualifications is €410.
Is there any way of improving the process for UK qualified health professionals especially Dietitians... lots of anecdotal reports of 6 to 9 month lead time for CORU registration?

CORU's role is public protection and one of the ways this is achieved is through the system that is in place to verify qualifications. Only professional qualifications awarded within the State can be accredited by CORU for access to CORU regulated professions. Professional qualifications awarded outside the State are assessed through a process of ‘recognition’ which involves expert assessment of a qualification's alignment with the standard of proficiency required in Ireland. Professional experience and lifelong learning must also be taken into account where required. There is a maximum of four months allowed for this process, it usually takes much less time. The average time required for a decision for recognition of a qualification in Dietetics from the UK in 2020 was 9 weeks.

CORU advises applicants of the possible timeframes, when an initial application is received applicants are encouraged to prepare their documentation for registration while waiting on their recognition approval.

The CORU website advises applicants that the timeline for processing registration applications is 14 weeks. However, a recent analysis of processing times have shown that the majority of standard applications are processed in less than 10 weeks upon CORU's receipt of a completed application.

Each applicant's timeframe is dependent on a number of variables individual to their own application. Professionals seeking registration with CORU are strongly advised to undertake the recognition and/or registration processes as required as soon as possible and certainly before accepting any job offer.

CORU through the Registration Board must be satisfied that the individual applicant has met all the criteria to grant registration. This is to ensure public confidence in registered professions.