Frequently Asked Questions - Applying for Registration

When do I apply for registration?
You must apply for registration once the Register for your profession has been established and opened unless you are an existing practitioner.
What is grandparenting?
A transition period (referred to as grandparenting) was introduced to allow existing practitioners time to register. Until statutory registration was introduced, there was no legal requirement to register. A concession of two years has been granted to existing practitioners to enable them transition to statutory registration. If you have worked in the profession to be registered during the five years before the opening of the Register, you are eligible to apply for registration, even if you do not have the approved qualifications. More details will be given as the Register for each profession opens.
Is there any help provided for completing the application?
The application guidance notes have been compiled to assist you step by step as you complete the application form. You can download the guidance notes here.
Can an employer check on the progress of my application?
CORU will not deal with any third parties on behalf of an applicant. For data protection reasons, an applicant should contact CORU directly themselves.
How will you use my personal information?
In its work, CORU will comply with data protection legislation at all times. We will use any information you give us only for the purpose for which it was obtained. We will keep it safe and secure, accurate, complete and up to date and retain it for no longer than is necessary. You may request a copy of your personal data in writing at any time. The fee for this information is €6.35.
How do I apply for registration?
Please click here to begin the online registration process.