Frequently Asked Questions - Qualifications

What qualifications do I need to apply to register?

You will need to hold an approved qualification or a qualification as listed in Schedule 3 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended) for existing practitioners.

Approved qualifications will be determined through the making of bye-laws by each Registration Board. A list of Approved Qualifications can be viewed in the Education section of the website. 

I acquired my qualifications outside of Ireland - can I register?
Non-national qualifications must be recognised by the Registration Board as a pre-requisite to registration. Click here for more information on the recognition process for international qualifications.
What evidence of qualification will be required for registration?
Certified copies of your qualification and transcripts (if applicable) will be requested as part of the application process.
Will the evidence of qualification be required only at initial registration or at each renewal?
Evidence of your qualification will be required at initial registration only.