Police Clearance

Persons who have lived abroad

If an applicant has lived abroad for one year and one day or longer after the age of 18 in any one country, they must provide a Certificate of Criminal Clearance for that country. (This does not include periods spent in Northern Ireland which is covered under National Vetting Bureau).

If an applicant applies for registration from a country outside of Ireland (and has lived in that country for one year and a day or longer since the age of 18), the Certificate of Criminal Clearance provided from that country cannot be older than three months old from the date of completed online application (i.e. the period between the date of issue of the Certificate of Criminal Clearance and the date of online application must be three months or less).

If an applicant has resided in another country in the past (for one year and a day or longer since the age of 18) the police clearance documentation from that country cannot predate the applicant’s departure from that country by more than three months. If the period is longer than three months, the applicant must seek new vetting clearance from that jurisdiction that post-dates their departure from that country.

An original or certified copy obtained from the local police authority for each country where you have lived must be submitted with your application. CORU does not require original documents, however, certified copies are required. A Solicitor, Commissioner for Oaths, Peace Commissioner or Notary Public must certify that the documents you submit to them are true copies of the originals - you will have to show the original documents to one of the above.

They must include their stamp on the copies to indicate they have been certified. If the certifier does not possess an official seal or stamp, then they must provide a signature and full name and address in block capitals.

If difficulties have arisen in obtaining police clearance for a particular country, please contact

Northern Ireland

An applicant does not need police clearance if they have lived in Northern Ireland. The National Vetting Bureau procedure undertakes vetting on both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland addresses.

Some Police Clearance Contacts

CountryClearance Required?AuthorityWebsite
AustraliaYesAustralian Federal PoliceClick Here
Australia (Western Australia)YesWestern Australia PoliceClick Here
Australia (New South Wales)YesNSW Police ForceClick Here
CanadaYesRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceClick Here
Northern IrelandNoNational Vetting Bureau Form Required 
United KingdomYesGov.UK DBSClick Here
United KingdomYesACROClick Here
United StatesYesFederal Bureau of InvestigationClick Here

For queries in relation to other jurisdictions, please email