Changes to Return to Practice Requirements

Registration Boards are legally empowered to require those who apply for registration and have not practised the profession for two years or more prior to application to be made subject to a period of updating known as Return to Practice. It emerged in recent years that these legal provisions apply to those who are resuming the practice of the profession and excludes those who are commencing the practice of the profession for the first time. As this poses a risk to public safety, CORU requested a change to our legislation to permit Registration Boards to make Return to Practice Bye-Laws for those commencing practice of the profession if a period of two years or more had elapsed since completing their professional qualification.

The legal amendments have been made and six Boards will make bye-laws in the coming months to correct this issue. The bye-laws are known as Delayed Entry Applicants Bye-Laws and the issue will be corrected for all Boards by the end of this year. All applicants who have been out of practice for two years of more (on application) will shortly be subject to completing Return to Practice requirements whether they have previously practised their profession or not. The Medical Scientists Registration Board have made a bye-law that covers both categories of applicant.