Public Information

CORU was set up to regulate the individuals who provide health and social care services in Ireland. The Health and Social Care Professionals Council was established by the Minister for Health to protect the public and promote greater patient safety through the statutory registration of health and social care professionals. 

What is Statutory Registration?

Statutory Registration is a system whereby each individual member of a profession is recognised by a specific body as competent to practice within a profession under a formal mechanism that is provided for by law. Unlike systems of voluntary registration, it is a legally binding process: all persons wishing to practice must be registered, and can be prosecuted for practicing if not registered.

CORU currently has registers open for the following professions:

You can check the current Register for each profession here

In the future CORU will also regulate:

  • Clinical Biochemists
  • Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • Orthoptists
  • Psychologists

What CORU will do for You

The key driver behind the regulation of health and social care professionals is patient and service user safety. The public must have confidence that the professional providing the service is properly qualified, competent and of good standing.

CORU's role is to:

  • Set the standards that health and social care professionals must meet
  • Make sure that the relevant educational bodies deliver qualifications that prepare professionals to provide safe and appropriate care
  • Maintain and publish a register of health and social care professionals who meet our standards
  • Make sure that registered professionals keep their skills up to date by promoting Continuing Professional Development
  • Conduct Fitness to Practise hearings into the conduct and competence of a registered member.