CORU Annual Report 2021

On Wednesday 10 August 2022, CORU published its 2021 Annual Report. Despite the pressures of the pandemic CORU made considerable progress in delivering regulation for health and social care professions across Ireland throughout 2021. CORU now regulates over 22,000 health and social care professionals, representing a 15% increase in registrants in just one year.

Welcoming the publication of the Annual Report, Ginny Hanrahan, CEO of CORU said, “Our Annual Report shows the excellent achievements and growth of CORU during the past year, and I would like to thank the team for their tireless work and dedication while navigating a pandemic. CORU is now established as one of the largest professional regulators in the country, regulating the work of over 22,000 professionals nationwide. This growth is set to continue and as we continue to deliver upon our legislative mandate, we anticipate growing to over 35,000 professional registrants in the coming years."

“Our ultimate responsibility is to ensure that every patient or service user of a CORU registered professional consistently enjoys the highest quality of care. In 2021, we received 58 complaints in relation to fitness to practise and processed 36 enforcement files, demonstrating our commitment to act whenever concerns are raised.”

2021 has been a significant year as CORU introduced regulations for the profession of podiatrists/chiropodists while ‘medical scientist’ became a legally protected title in Ireland. The report also highlights the public information campaign undertaken by CORU in 2021, the largest ever undertaken by the organisation. This campaign involved radio advertising and a nationwide outdoor advertising initiative. This campaign has received widespread recognition and this work will be continued and expanded in 2022.

The CORU Annual Report 2021 is available to read here.