Physiotherapists Registration Board Elections 2021 – Notice of Candidates Validly Nominated

Election of Members for Appointment to the Physiotherapists Registration Board (S.I. No. 253 of 2020)
Returning Officer's Declaration
Notice of Candidates validly nominated

Notice of election of members for appointment to the Physiotherapists Registration Board and request for nomination of candidates for two electoral categories was published in the Irish Times newspaper and on the website of on Tuesday 20 October 2020.

The closing date for receipt of nominations was 12 noon on Tuesday 17 November 2020.

The following candidates have been declared validly nominated and declared as a candidate for election in their respective categories below.

Candidates for Category 1: Registrants engaged in the practice of the profession
Name:Corinne Evans
Registration No: PT033706County of Practice: Co. Kerry
Name: John Stacey
Registration No: PT036320County of Practice: Co. Limerick
Name: Dale Whelehan
Registration No: PT030512County of Practice: N/A

Candidates for Category 2: Registrant engaged in the management of services provided by the profession
Name:Kevin Burke
Registration No: PT030138County of Practice: Dublin 12
Name:Rona McLaughlin
Registration No: PT026136County of Practice: Co. Donegal

The closing date for returning ballot papers is 5pm on Friday 08 January 2021.

Details of each candidate validly nominated and the names of the registrants who proposed and supported the nominations are available in the Returning Officer's Declaration. Biographies for candidates who have provided one can be read here.

D. Massey
Substitute Returning Officer
17 November 2020