Podiatrist/Chiropodist Q&A with CORU's Head of Registration

The registration deadline for Podiatrists and Chiropodists - 31 March 2023 - is almost here.  CORU's Head of Registration answers some questions which prospective applicants may have.

If you’re a podiatrist or chiropodist practising in Ireland today, you need to know that you will be subject to new regulations from 31 March this year. Only those who are registered with CORU by that date will be entitled to work in Ireland using these titles. Time is running out and if you want to keep using your title, you must apply for registration before the end of March 2023.

We sat down with Paul Byrne, Head of Registration at CORU to find out exactly what is happening, and to ask five key questions that you may need the answers to.

Paul, what happens after March 31 2023 if I don’t register?

“After the deadline date of 31 March 2023, the titles of “podiatrist” and “chiropodist” will become legally protected in Ireland. Not applying by this deadline means being unable to work. This could have serious implications for your career as well as to the care of your patients. Thankfully there is still time and CORU’s registration team is available to support you with any questions.

We advise everyone to apply now and avoid any possible problems in the future."

Why should I register and why is registration a good thing?

“The introduction of regulation to cover the work of podiatrists and chiropodists sends a powerful message about the quality and consistency of care your patients can expect. It is a major milestone and one that everyone working in the profession should be extremely proud of. We look forward to working with you and all the registrants to ensure the highest standards are consistently delivered to service users in Ireland.”

Is it easy to register?

“We have designed the registration process to be as clear and straightforward as possible. If you delay or if you don’t apply and pay the fee, then you could find yourself missing the deadline. Remember, not applying by this deadline means being unable to work.”

What is CORU? 

“As Ireland’s multi-profession health and social care regulator, CORU’s role is to protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct, education, training, and competence across a wide range of professions. Podiatry will be the 12th profession fully regulated by CORU, which now oversees the work of over 25,000 health and social care professionals in Ireland."

What should I do next? 

“If you are not registered already, you can get started straight away by heading to our dedicated application page at Apply to Register - Coru where you’ll find everything you need to know about the process.”

We hope that gives you all the answers you need. However, if you have any more queries, we’d love to hear from you, please contact the team at


Paul Byrne is the Head of Registration at CORU

The Registration Department processes applications for registration and presents completed applications to Registration Boards or the Registrar for decision. The Registration unit supports Registration Boards in improving registration policies and requirements to align with international best practice. The department also administers National Vetting Bureau applications, the registration renewal and fee collection process, restorations to the register, removals from the register and the maintenance/updating of details on each register. 

Paul Byrne has responsibility for overseeing registration operations so that the systems, processes and requirements support the organisation in delivering its statutory obligations for the protection of the public through the registration of the health and social care professionals under CORU’s remit.