Radiographers CPD Audit Trend Report

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a core element of CORU’s regulatory framework, as specified in the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended). The Act requires a Registration Board to provide guidance and support to registrants concerning the practice of the designated profession and continuing professional development. The Radiographers Registration Board recognises CPD as integral to professional radiography and radiation therapy practice. As such, the Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists requires that registrants participate in CPD on an ongoing basis.

In 2017, radiographers and radiation therapists were advised by their Board that a mandatory CPD audit would take place. The purpose of the audit was to conduct a review of portfolios to establish levels of compliance with the Radiographers Registration Board CPD Standard and Requirements.

5% of active registrants, who had been on the Radiographer and Radiation Therapists register for the full 24 month CPD cycle, were randomly selected to participate in the CPD audit and were notified by email. Of 48 randomly selected registrants, five applied for a deferral of audit. Four registrants were granted deferral by the Radiographers Registration Board. The Radiographers Registration Board reserved the right to call registrants who deferred for the next CPD audit conducted. One registrant applied for, but did not receive a deferral and subsequently did not submit a portfolio. This non-submission of a portfolio concluded with the voluntary removal of the registrant from the register.

Overall the level of compliance with this audit was very high. While it was noted that some necessary elements required further development, there were many areas where high achievement was noted. These areas included, but are not limited to: detailed learning plans and surpassing CPD credit requirements through range of activities. A significant finding related to the burden of recording and submission of supporting documentation and that further guidance for registrants on achieving the CPD requirement ‘ongoing engagement’ is required. It is also notable the preference for recording formal learning activities, as opposed to informal or work based activities. The findings from this audit highlighted a number of key considerations that helped to inform a review of CORU’s CPD approach and monitoring processes.

Further information about the Radiographers CPD audit can be found in the Radiographers CPD Audit Trend Report. The Radiographers Registration Board and CORU would like to thank all of their registrants who participated in the CPD audit.