Opt in to receive emails from CORU

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on Friday 25 May, CORU is required to have your consent prior to sending you any e-mails. Since then, CORU has sent emails with news and profession relevant material only to those registrants who have opted in to receive such messages. All registrants are required to review their communications preferences at the time of renewal each year. Registrants can also opt in or out at any stage during the year using an e-mail address and password, or the PIN number provided in the last renewal notice. Communications are divided into three types so that registrants can choose the nature of updates that they wish to receive.

Quarterly Newsletter

These newsletters contain a wide range of general information relevant to all CORU registrants.

Research-Related Communications

CORU is regularly contacted by those engaging in research to send surveys or communications to a particular profession. A recent example is the Engage to Change survey for Radiographers which was sent only to those that had agreed to the receipt of emails seeking for participation in research. Many registrants contacted CORU wondering why they had not received the e-mail and were advised that CORU could only send notifications about the survey to those who had opted in to the receipt of such communications.

Profession-Specific Communications

These communications are sent only when they are of direct relevance to a registrant’s profession. If there is a consultation for a specific profession or an upcoming conference that was specifically relevant to a given profession, those from that profession that have opted in to the receipt of such communications will receive these updates.