What type of registrant am I?

Existing Practitioners - Section 91 Applicants

This path to registration is aimed at existing practitioners.

During the first two years that a register is open - a period known as the Transitional Period - existing practitioners can apply for registration and satisfy the registration board that they meet the requirements for registration.

If you are an existing practitioner, you must complete the s.91 application form on the CORU website and satisfy the relevant Board that:

  • you have been practising the profession for the required period; (Proof of Professional Employment)
  • hold the relevant qualifications or have successfully completed a competency test; and
  • are deemed fit and proper to practise the profession.

You will also need to complete an eVetting Invitation Form.

Existing Practitioners of Social Care Work

In making an application to apply to register under the grandparenting route, applicants must provide a Proof of Professional Employment form, which is verification of having been engaged in practice of the profession for the required period. An applicant must be able to demonstrate having 2 years practice in the previous 5 on the date of application. This is specific to social care workers and different to previous grandparenting provisions put in place for past professions. An employer must provide attestation that the applicant has been engaged in the practice of the profession, as a social care worker. 

    The transitional arrangements recognise that existing practitioners of social care work may;

    Please note, all practising professionals must have applied for registration before the end of the transitional period.
    All applications made after the transitional period closes are treated as Section 38 applications.