The Health and Social Care Professionals Council has 33 voluntary members and a Chair, appointed by the Minister for Health.

Each of the professions is represented on the Council. There are also members from the education sector, patient advocacy groups, the voluntary sector and representatives of public and private sector organisations who are concerned with health and social care.

The Council has a 'lay majority' (more lay members than health and social care professionals). This is viewed internationally as one of the best ways of ensuring the public is protected.

Council meets on average 10 times throughout the year.

Functions of Council

Council is responsible for overseeing the governance and strategy of the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, including finance and risk; staffing; legal decisions and strategic planning. In addition to corporate governance, the main functions of the Council are to:

  • Oversee and co-ordinate the activities of the Registration Boards
  • Enforce standards of practice for registered professionals, including codes of professional conduct and ethics and to manage Fitness to Practise procedures
  • Make decisions and give directions relating to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions on registrants.

Terms of Office

  • The term of office for Council Members is 4 years. Half of the Council is replaced after 2 years; this ensures continuity of experience during the transition.