Irene Regan

Irene shows great ability to lead and motivate both small and large teams in her positions as Chief Medical Scientist in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin and President of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM). In both these roles, she is aware of the importance of ensuring that medical scientists deliver services in a competent, professional and ethical manner. 

Irene is an advocate for patient safety and a quality service as evidenced by best practice, with that in mind she is a member of many committees including Clinical Programme in Pathology, Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety. In her position as President of the ACSLM, she and the council of the Academy ensure that where possible they are involved in strategies and position papers that are key to laboratory medicine. This in turn is to ensure that the patient and the public receive the best quality healthcare in their journey and that laboratory medicine is well equipped to provide this service. As an active member of a MDT and involved in clinics, parent and patient days, and clinical trials Irene has first-hand experience of the need for a safe and quality service for patients and their families.

She has overall responsibility for the ACSLM Membership Committee that assesses eligibility to practice as a medical scientist in Ireland. Irene is familiar with the current legislation both nationally and within Europe and have met with the Department of Health re same.

Irene actively participates in CPD and has overall responsibility for the Academy programme as President ensuring that the CPD the ACSLM offer professionals working in laboratory medicine is both relevant and conforms to best practice.