Rachel Mooney

Rachel Mooney is a Chartered Psychologist and an Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor. She has also studied Sensori-motor Psychotherapy. She holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from Smurfit Business School. Rachel has been working full time in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy since 1993. Her work has taken her across Europe and as far away as Israel when she co-organised a Global Conference in Jerusalem in 2000 when working with ICAS International.

Rachel has been Director of the Health Service Executive (HSE) National Counselling Service in the East Coast since 2001. She works collaboratively with Directors of Counselling in each HSE Community Healthcare Area to ensure the highest standards of practice are followed as well as ensuring consistency of service nationwide. She has led many projects over the years and is currently involved in rolling out a bespoke client case management and data management programme across all HSE Areas. Rachel enjoys supporting staff on a daily basis who provide counselling and psychotherapy for clients in Community Healthcare East who have experienced abuse in childhood as well as patients presenting for counselling in primary care.