Bernadette Jackson

Bernadette Jackson has several years’ experience working as a Medical Scientist at different sites and is currently employed at Naas General Hospital (NGH). Bernadette is active within her profession, chairing the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM) Point of Care Scientific Committee. She is a member of the ACSLM Council and participates in National Committees, for example Reference Range and Point of Care.

Bernadette has supervised many BSc and MSc Theses and has chaired the ACSLM President's Prize judging panel for the top six Medical Scientist undergraduate research projects for past 5 years. She currently manages the Point of Care Service in NGH, procuring and verifying equipment and training non-scientific staff in the use of equipment used outside of the laboratory for testing purposes in an acute setting. Bernadette is the Former Chairperson of the Clinical Chemistry Advisory Body.