Michelle Darcy

Michelle Darcy has 16 years’ clinical practice as an occupational therapist primarily in mental health settings. A graduate of BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Michelle has recently completed a Level 9 certificate in Health Project Management from Atlantic Technological University (ATU) and a Level 8 certificate in Cooperative Learning Leadership Programme from Dublin City University (DCU).  She has a particular interest and experience in change management in healthcare, collective leadership and the centrality of the lived experience voice in service design.  She has worked as acting Occupational Therapy Manager at intervals over a number of years and has contributed to the profession at national level including delivery of the HSE Professional Supervision Programme for Supervisors (HSCPs).  Michelle is currently a member of The Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (AOTI) Mental Health Advisory Group Committee.