Johnpaul Odigbo

Since his childhood growing up in Eastern Nigeria, Johnpaul has always loved Science and in 2002, he gained admission to Abia State University to study Optometry. After six years of study he graduated with a Doctor of Optometry degree. After his undergraduate degree, Johnpaul completed one years’ internship and spent one year with the National Youth Corp Service in Nigeria.

In 2011, he moved to Saudi Arabia where he practised until 2016 before relocating to Ireland. Johnpaul undertook further studies in University College Cork with a Master’s degree focusing on public health, health promotion and policies. Previously, Johnpaul worked in Specsavers Opticians in Swords, Co. Dublin and in 2021, Johnpaul made partnership in the Ballina, Co. Mayo branch of Specsavers after completing various training programmes such as Diploma in Level 3 (ILM3) and a Directorship Pathway course. 

In 2022, Johnpaul left his Ophthalmic Directorship position in Ballina and registered his own company Odigbo Ltd. He is now a member of CORU’s Optical Registration Board as a representative engaged in the management of optometry.