Physiotherapists who applied under Section 91

The Register of Physiotherapists opened on 30 September 2016. The two-year transitional period (known as grand parenting) provided for by Section 91 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 Act (as amended) ended on 30 September 2018. Applications for registration were accepted via two routes: existing practitioners under Section 91 (also known as the transition/grand parenting route) and new graduates (Section 38). The title “Physiotherapist” became a legally protected professional title upon the close of the grand parenting period.

Physiotherapists who submitted an application under Section 91 can continue to use the protected title “Physiotherapist” whilst their application remains under consideration by the Physiotherapists Registration Board.

In such instances, the physiotherapist may inform their patients/clients that they are entitled to use the protected title “Physiotherapist” while their application is being processed. Once a physiotherapist is granted registration, their name and CORU Registration Number will appear on the Register of Physiotherapists