Sheelagh MacNeill

Dr Sheelagh McNeill has enjoyed being actively involved with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) for many years at local, national and international level. She graduated from the Dublin School of Physiotherapy and Trinity College, Dublin. She started her working career in Guy’s Hospital, London. Two years later, she returned to Dublin where she worked in the Adelaide Hospital. She currently works in private practice in Sligo where she also resides.

Sheelagh has always been interested in continuing professional development (CPD) and between 1974 - 2008 she undertook several third level courses culminating in a D.Phil. from the University of Ulster, Belfast.

While Sheelagh was on the Council of the ISCP, prior to 2010, she worked on the Overseas Accreditation Standing Committee (OASC) which later became the International Qualifications Working Group (IQWG). She found the work fascinating as this group assessed the qualifications of overseas applicants wishing to become members of the Society.   

From 2009-2012 she was President Elect and then President of the ISCP. In these roles she worked on the Statutory Registration Committee for the protection of both titles. In her role as President, Sheelagh was chairperson of the Professional Procedures and Ethics Committee and gained much experience. At that time the Society dealt with complaints about physiotherapists.

Sheelagh has experience in Governance, Professional Procedures and Ethics, International Qualifications and CPD and brings this experience to CORU for the protection of both the public and the profession.