Renewal of Registration

Registrants who wish to stay on the Register must renew their registration by the annual renewal date and pay the annual renewal fee.

Failure to pay the annual renewal fee may result in a registrant's name being removed from the Register.

It is vital that any registrant who wishes to have their name removed from the register applies for voluntary removal rather than allowing their registration to lapse by not paying the annual renewal fee. If a registrant fails to pay the annual renewal fee rather than formally withdrawing, they will not be able to avail of the reduced restoration fee.

Existing Practitioners under Section 91

Note: The Health and Social Care Professionals Council has made an important change to the payment of registration fees by existing practitioners who are availing of the transitional arrangements i.e. practitioners who have been 'engaged in the practice' of the profession in the 5 year period up to the date of the opening of the register.

Existing practitioners will pay an application fee to process their registration and they will not be required to pay a renewal fee until one year after the end of the transitional period for each profession.