Registration Opens


March, 02 2024 23:59:00

Assessment of Professional Competence

If you do not hold an approvedSchedule 3 or sufficiently relevant qualification, you must undertake an Assessment of Professional Competence in order to apply for registration.

The purpose of the assessment is to prove that:

  • You have been engaged in the practice of the profession
  • You can meet the standards of proficiency for the profession

To qualify for an assessment of professional competence you must demonstrate that you have a minimum amount of practice (as specified by the Registration Board for your profession).

The Assessment of Professional Competence is based on the standards of proficiency for your profession.

The level of competence required includes the standards of performance expected of all practitioners as outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for a profession.

If you require further information on the Assessment of Professional Competence and the Standards of Proficiency, please contact